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Hoteis Las Lenas Virgo 5 StarsPiscis 5 StarsEscorpio 4 StarsAcuario 4 StarsAries 4 Stars

Hotel Escorpio, 3/4 estrelas 

Este hotel fica localizado na base dos principais cerros. É um lugar aconchegante, onde a simplicidade e a elegância se combinam em cada detalhe. Este hotel de três estrelas oferece quartos individuais, duplos e triplos. Todos os quartos contam com TV cor, banheiro completo, caixa de segurança, telefone no quarto, lavandaria e serviço diário de limpeza. Em comparação com as muitas comodidades do hotel Piscis, o Hotel Escorpio é mais básico, mas sem dúvida uma grande opção.  

In comparison to the Piscis it lacks the  the swimming pool and hot tubs, and the exercise gym, only one restaurant and while the food is quite good it only features 4 different dinner options a night (compared to 2 restaurants in the Piscis with15 options at each) and its rooms are a bit smaller. 

If staying at the Escorpio you do not get to use the pool, hot tubs, or business centre in the Piscis.  While the Escorpio does not have desktop computers with internet, there is free WIFI Internet in the lobby and upstairs in the bar and lounge for guests to use their own laptops.

The Escorpio is located right at the base, making everything extremely close walking distance. The hotel offers single, double and triple occupancy rooms. All rooms feature color TV, full private bath, safe deposit box, in-room phones, laundry service and daily housekeeping. The base and the main lift Venus are located just outside your large window, you just open it and slide down in the snow with your skis.

The friendly staff at the ski storage take your skis and snowboards as well as your boots which are placed on a very large boot heater that allows you to have dry and warm boots the next morning of your ski day. The staff also securely stores your shoes or slippers that you use to walk from your room to the storage area and back, all you have to do is give them your room number.

The staff at the ski storage can take care of your ski or board to be repaired overnight to fix any scrapes or bruises your equipment may have received or simply for a waxing and sharpening. It costs approx. $50 pesos for a complete repair that includes sharpening, waxing, and complete repair. Pay the staff in cash as they send them out to the Repair Shop and it is not done in the hotel. Be sure to tip the staff at the ski storage at the end of the week, they will not expect it but they definitely deserve it.

For kids there is tons to do. There is the "Kids Club" in the Piscis which all guests of the Escorpio are allowed to use which includes playing games, singing, story time for the younger ones all upstairs in the Piscis in the special Kids Club room. Baby-sitting services can also be requested and we recommend it be done in advance.

The restaurant's international cuisine combines the traditional flavors of French and Mediterranean cuisine. Breakfast is an enormous buffet with hot eggs, bacon, cereals, yogurts, muffins, danishes, and croissants. You actually have to make reservations at the front desk daily for the evening dinner seating of your choice.

There is usually a seating at 8:45 PM and 10:00 PM in both restaurants. However, you can try and politely push for an earlier seating than 8:45 like 8:00 PM if you are very nice to the front desk person and it is possible.

All breakfasts are included in the rate of your stay at the Escorpio Hotel requiring you to only pay for beverages which can be charged to your room. If you want to tip your server, it is recommended to leave 10%-15%. of what the meal would cost if you were paying for it and leave the money with the bill or at the end of the week as the Escorpio Hotel is small enough that you will see your server the whole week..

During the evening you can relax in the upstairs bar and lounge which also has a piano. There are plenty of couches, booths, or you can just pull up a chair and sit up at the bar to chat to one of the friendly bartenders. The bar offers a tempting selection of cocktails and beers while having fun and enjoying the evening.




Escorpio Hotel 2016 Early Bird Rates

Economy Charter Flight Buenos Aires - Malargue - Buenos Aires $750 USD per person

Economy Charter Flight Sao Paulo - Malargue - Sao Paulo $1280 USD per person

Rate includes:shared round trip ground transfer Malargue airport-Escorpio Hotel-Malargue airport, and all flight taxes

*If you would like to fly first class on the charter flight or want a private gorund transfer please enquire with us*

The following rates and bookings are Saturday to Saturday However, if you would prefer a minimum 2 night stay, 
only available in August and September, please contact us for a quote.


The rates below and your stay in the Escorpio Hotel includes:


  • All breakfasts
  •  7 day lift pass 
  • Basic Medical Insurance when skiing/riding in Las Lenas in bounds.



Adult Rates (Age 12 and up) - All Rates in $USD, Per Person,
For 7 Nights and IncludeTaxes  

Please contact us for Children 11 and under Child Rates  

Vista Montanha
Vista Pista
Especial Pista
Triple / Dpt 4/5
Junho 25 - Julho 02
$ 1205
$ 1115
$ 1643
$ 1262
$ 1169
$ 1739
$ 1325
$ 1838
Julho 02 - 09
$ 1301
$ 1202
$ 1796
$ 1367
$ 1259
$ 1904
$ 1439
$ 2018
Julho 09 - 16
$ 1390
$ 1288
$ 1903
$ 1459
$ 1348
$ 2014
$ 1534
$ 2131
Julho 16 - 23
$ 1474
$ 1363
$ 2038
$ 1552
$ 1429
$ 2158
$ 1633
$ 2290
Julho 23 - 30
$ 1414
$ 1309
$ 1942
$ 1486
$ 1372
$ 2056
$ 1561
$ 2176
Julho 30 - Agosto 20
$ 1289
$ 1190
$ 1778
$ 1355
$ 1247
$ 1883
$ 1424
$ 1997
Agosto 20 - 27
$ 1170
$ 1088
$ 1592
$ 1229
$ 1136
$ 1682
$ 1289
$ 1778
Agosto 27 - Set. 03
$ 1117
$ 1033
$ 1537
$ 1174
$ 1081
$ 1627
$ 1234
$ 1723
Set. 03 - 10
$ 1057
$ 979
$ 1438
$ 1108
$ 1024
$ 1522
$ 1162
$ 1609
Set. 10 - 24
$ 971
$ 899
$ 1334
$ 1022
$ 941
$ 1412
$ 1073
$ 1496

Rates subject to change based on different promotions during the season.   

(1) Extra Beds are only available at Triple Rooms


*There are 2 family apartment style rooms in the Escorpio, both with 2 bedrooms that are ideal for families one with capacity for 4 pax and one with capacity for 5 pax.  The rate of these 2 apartment options is the rate of triple slopes view per person.*


*There are also 2 special rooms in the Escorpio, 1 room with a double bed and 1 room with two twin beds that are bigger than the normal rooms having more square footage and with special features like a dvd player and bigger bathroom. Please ask us for a quote for these rooms.*


Please complete our booking form to book your stay at the Escorpio Hotel now! 


Extra Costs

  • Buenos Aires hotel accommodation, hotel and international/domestic airport ground transfers
  • International Airfare


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