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Alojamento compartilhado + Long Term Accommodation in Las Leñas  

If you are on a tight budget, by yourself or with a friend, a ski bum, have a good attitude, looking for shared accommodation or long term accommodation, and don’t mind sharing with 5-6 other similar people that are in Las Leñas to ride, party and get rowdy,  we recommend contacting one of the following people DIRECTLY for the 2010 season. If you are renting a bed in a shared apartment, this is very similar to hostel type accommodation or mountain hut so picky or high maintenance people should not try and stay in this type of accommodation.
However please mention
Laslenasski.com when contacting these people, we get free Fernet.

Las Lenas Season Pass Price 2009: 3474 Argentine Pesos (Approx. $945 USD)
The price of the pass does not change if you buy it earlier or later. You can pay for the season pass in Las Leñas with a credit card and ID. You can't lose your season pass as if you lose it, Las Leñas will not replace it, even if you have a receipt. Yes we know, this is ridiculous, welcome to Las Lenas.

We will be posting shared accommodation info in March 2010. In the meantime there are apartments to rent for the
whole 2010 season in Corbus. Please contact us at info@southamericaski.com for more info.





 If you are more than 2 people in your group and do not already have accommodation before coming to Las Leñas during a busy period, we do not recommend coming as you will probably not find a bed, let alone at a cheap price.  We personally do not recommend ever waiting until you get to Las Leñas to try and arrange accommodation when you get there. It is better to organize 1-2 nights in Los Molles or Malargeu first. We do not book shared accommodation. 

Corbus dinner party - Huere Darquier

Innsbruck Breakfast - Huere Darquier



If you are travelling alone or on an extremely tight budget, the most popular web forum for finding shared accommodation in Las Leñas is www.tetongravity.com/forum. Just post a new thread and watch the interest grow.

If you cannot find accommodation in Las Leñas and are still on a budget we recommend staying at There are also hotels and hostels in Although Malargue is 45 minutes away, there is a bus that goes to Las Leñas every day and  accommodation rates are much cheaper. Some of the hostels also have their own vans to take you to Las Leñas and back to Malargue at the end of the day.


We will warn you that unless you speak fluent Spanish and are very patient it can be difficult finding and booking an apartment in Las Leñas if you wait until you arrive.

Be careful when booking a whole apartment for more than a week to get a receipt indicating the entire dates, confirm that you are in the same apartment for the entirety of your stay, find out if your rate includes cleaning or if cleaning is mandatory and what fee you must pay, and most important, THE PHONE BILL! Most people are under the assumption that all phone calls made with the phone cards are free when they are actually $2 Pesos per call. This is whether no one answers the call on the other end and it only rings twice, you only leave a message, you talk for 45 minutes to the USA or talk 5 minutes to Buenos Aires, EACH CALL IS $2 PESOS.  Avoid the surprise and ask for a phone bill before everyone leaves the apartment so you are not the last person and stuck with the bill.


Waiting for bus in Residencia Zone - Holly Walker



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