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Spending a Season in Las Lenas


In 2002 for the first time in Las Leñas there were quite a few foreigners simply doing a season there skiing and riding and not working. Attracted by the affordable price of the season's pass and the strong US Dollar vs. the Peso, there were quite a few people that spent July to October there.


Now the season's pass price in 2009 has gone up a bit to about $1000.00 USD.  It is basically impossible to find any type of work in Las Lenas as a foreigner due to the lack of jobs in Argentina for Argentineans and visa regulations other than being a ski or snowboard instructor.


If you want to go to just ski and ride you can buy a season's pass with your credit card at the resort, but do NOT lose your pass!  If you lose your pass they do not replace it, no exceptions! 

As far as renting an apartment for the season, it is normally basically impossible to organize before arriving,  it must be done upon arrival. HOWEVER, for 2010 we are renting two whole 2 bedroom apartments in Las Lenas for the whole season, contact us at  for more info. It is more economical if you are a group of 4 or more to rent an apartment as almost all of them are for 4-7 people.

Prices can range anywhere from $1900 USD for 2 weeks, to $7800 USD for 4 months + expenses.


Do not pay over $9000 USD for a 4 month rental for an apartment that sleeps 3-5. If you are staying for a month or longer you may get a break but it is generally the weekly rate multiplied by the amount of weeks you want to stay. Make sure you have travel insurance and try to get a plan that covers out of bounds skiing and riding. The majority of steep skiing and riding is out of bounds so be sure to ski and ride with ID and a bank card or credit card in case you would suffer a mishap and have to be taken to a hospital as for serious injuries you are taken to San Rafael or Mendoza.  

If you plan to spend a bit of time in Las Lenas we recommend learning some Spanish before arriving or during your stay.This will make a difference in your experience as Argentinean people are some of the nicest people in the world and you should meet some.

There are great deals on learning Spanish in Mendoza, Cordoba, Entre Rios and Salta, much cheaper than Buenos Aires.


The best site and school for learning Spanish in Mendoza is www.spanishcourses.com.ar and the school is Insituto Intercultural. If you must tango and be part of the scene in Buenos Aires, the best site for info on learning Spanish is www.alojargentina.com.ar.


For info on learning Spanish throughout Argentina you can visit www.studyabroadlinks.com/search/Argentina/Learn/spanish/


"Tienes Novio?" © Mark Lasseter



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