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Money: You can bring USD cash and change it in Las Lenas, it is impossible to buy Pesos in your home country before coming.  

For the best rate in Las Lenas for cash and USD traveler’s checks (bring your passport) go to the Pyramid building and visit the sports store called “Hemisphere”, ask for Julio the owner who speaks English, French and Spanish.  Give him notice for amounts over $200 USD.  

The regular bank does not give a good rate and charges commission. Use Pesos to pay for restaurants on the hill and regular daily purchases and for cover at the nightclubs.


Bank Debit Cards: There is a bank machine inside the Pyramid building and inside the Piscis casino that works with Visa, Plus, Maestro, Mastercard and Cirrus programs and gives you Argentine Pesos. You are charged the current exchange rate as if you were in your bank. 

If you need a cash advance on a credit card, one local secret is to go to the casino cashier and take out how many pesos you want in casino chips.  Walk away for 10 minutes then bring them back and cash them in for cash.


Credit Cards: Not usually accepted for small purchases but accepted in the hotels and restaurants for larger ones. You can buy lift tickets, large restaurant meals and pay for hotel room expenses with your credit card. Before having dinner be sure to ask your server if they accept your desired credit card as sometimes they might only accept Amex, or might only accept visa, or might only accept MasterCard



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