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Foz do Iguazu



Called Foz do Iguaçu in Brazil, Foz do Iguazú in Argentina, and Foz do Iguassu in Paraguay, Iguazu falls are a top destination for visitors from all countries.

This area has awe-inspiring nature featuring jungle type  vegetation around the falls as well as butterflies and other  animals. The actual falls are taller than Niagara Falls, twice as wide with 275 cascades spread 3km wide and 80 m high in a horsehoe shape of the Iguazu River on the border between Argentina, Brazil and Paraguay.Iguacu was a name given by the Tupi-Guarani tribes, who believed the area to be a holy burial site, which means "Holy Waters".

In 1986 UNESCO declared the area a World Heritage Site.  The falls are roughly 20 km east of the junction of the Parana and Iguacu rivers which form the triple borders of of Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina. 


The falls are unequally divided between Argentina and Brazil, with Argentina having the larger portion of the falls.



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