Dr Martens Boots

Dr Martens Boots are made in a variety of different places. They used to only be made in Europe, though now they are made throughout Asia and Europe. The models that are labeled as “vintage” are made in the United Kingdom by union workers, and are more expensive. “Vintage” Doc martens have certain details on them that look different from those made in Asia.

Many people say that the Dr Martens boots that are made in the United Kingdom are better than those made in Asia. However if you look at people’s reviews online, the models made in Asia seem to be at a tie with the models made in the United Kingdom. Some people prefer the feel of the ones made in Asia over the feel of the ones made in the United Kingdom. There are also many people who claim that the quality of boots made in both places is about the same.

If you look at what people wear on their feet, it seems as if most people wear black Dr Martens boots. However, the famous boots also come in other colors. These colors include various shades of red, green, white and yellow. Over the years, there have been models with a variety of different prints that have varied by season. There are models of Doc Martens that are platformed, making their wearers taller.

Other Brands Dr Martens Boots

The company markets itself as being a style for those who are tough, rebellious, individualistic, fashionable and trendy. There are also other brands that fall under the same umbrella. These lesser-known brands include Grinders, Redwings, Solovair and Gripfast. The boots are sold to a crowd that wants a punky, edgy, hipster-ish look.

Trends For Dr Martens Boots

Some models of Dr Martens boots have very shallow treads on the bottom of the feet. As a result, many people do not recommend those models for walking around snowy conditions. However, there are some models that have deeper treads, and there are actually models that are specifically built for work and hazardous weather conditions. You can find steel-toed Doc Martens that are great for tough work conditions.

Uses For Dr Martens Boots

Dr Martens boots are known for a number of things. First off, they are known for being very comfortable and long-lasting. Secondly, they are known for being painful to break into. The shoes only come in whole sizes, so people who wear half-sizes are told to buy a half-size down.

Doc Martens has a number of stores all over the world where you can buy their shoes. Once in a while, they hold events at their stores where special guests make appearances.